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Image Claims to Show 2nd-Gen Intel Larrabee Graphics Card

Hardware collector YJFY posted an image of what they claim is Intel’s second generation Larrabee graphics card. Intel’s Larrabee 2 graphics board is ultimately intended to be based on the chip known as Knights Corner, and this is the first (believed) public image of the device.

The claimed second-generation Larrabee graphics cards feature processors that look exactly like Intel’s Knights Corner, which was demonstrated by Intel executives at the SC11 conference in November 2011. This processor is his late 2011 production engineering sample featuring QBAY stepping. It reportedly has 60 cores and runs at 1.00 GHz, corresponding to Intel’s KNC specs. Unlike the production Xeon Phi ‘Knights Corner’ offering, this processor is paired with his 4GB of GDDR5 memory.

(Image credit: YJFY)

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