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Intel China Makes Raptor Lake Refresh Official

Shared by Intel Bilibili new poster This is official confirmation of the existence of the Raptor Lake refresh. The new CPU lineup will carry on Intel’s existing Intel Core i-series nomenclature and come as 14th Generation products. The new refresh consists of two CPU platforms, one for desktop and one for mobile, and includes parts from the S-series and his HX/U-series for high-performance and ultrabook laptops.

The first time we learned about the Raptor Lake Refresh was in 2022 when Intel’s roadmap was leaked online. A leaked roadmap revealed a lineup of consumer and workstation desktop CPUs with 35W to 125W TDPs which could have been faced as the roadmap was leaked. A few months later, however, the leak was further compounded by a motherboard BIOS update featuring support for “next-gen” Intel CPUs, effectively confirming its existence. A BIOS update proved this as Intel’s next-generation CPU architecture, Meteor Lake, would use a new socket, making compatibility with current motherboards impossible.

(Image credit: Bilibili)

(Image credit: Bilibili)

What the leaks and rumors didn’t explain was the Raptor Lake refresh for mobile CPUs and desktops. A new poster from Intel confirms that new refreshes are coming to both platforms, featuring high-performance HX-series mobile parts and low-power U-series parts in particular. Oddly enough, though, the U-series parts come with a completely different nomenclature and are named “1st Gen Intel Core Processors” instead of 14th Gen. The Q&A answer says Intel is doing this because the U-series parts will be available at a later date, which doesn’t explain why Intel won’t switch to the newly announced Core Ultra nomenclature. .

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