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Intel Core i5-13400 and 13400F Listed for $245 and $216

@momomo_us We’ve hooked up the pre-launch retail listings for Intel’s upcoming Core i5-13400 and 13400F. This indicates that the chip could cost under $250 at launch, making it a definite contender for our list of the best CPUs for gaming. , which is rumored to have performance comparable to the Core i5-12600K, making it a very competitive offering in the mid-range market. The i5-13400 is reportedly priced at $243.68, while the F model costs significantly less at $216.16.

The new chip is reported to be a 10-core hybrid configuration consisting of 6 P cores and 4 E cores. As for clock speeds, the 13400 and F models are reported to feature a 4.1 GHz base clock for the P cores and a 3.3 GHz boost clock for the E cores. It is speculated that the 13400 could be a recycled Alder Lake chip with Golden Cove cores instead of Intel’s faster Raptor Cove cores, but this has not been confirmed. The 13400 series is competitive either way, offering 4 more cores than the 12400. It has no E cores and matches the core count of 12600K.

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