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Intel Drops DirectX 9 Support On Xe, Arc GPUs, Switches to DirectX 12 Emulation

Native DX9 hardware support is officially gone From Intel’s Xe integrated graphics solution on 12th Gen CPUs, and A-series Arc Alchemist discrete GPUs. To replace it, all DirectX 9 support will be migrated to DirectX 12 in the form of emulation.

Emulation is done in an open-source translation layer called “.D3D9On12The conversion is done by sending 3D DirectX 9 graphics commands to the D3D9On12 layer instead of the D3D9 graphics driver. When the D3D9On12 layer receives commands from the D3D9 API, all commands are converted to D3D12 API calls. Basically, D3D9On12 acts as a GPU driver by itself, not a real GPU driver from Intel.

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