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Intel GPU Head: Our Core Audience Wants One Power Connector

Intel made a notable entry into the low-to-midrange discrete GPU market this year with its A750 and A770 cards, but don’t expect the company to start challenging the RTX 4090 or Radeon RX 7900. Wattage, anytime instantly. According to Raja Koduri, head of Intel Graphics, the company is squarely committed to extracting as much performance as possible from its 200-225W power limit (often with a single power connector). , hopefully enough to compete with the best graphics cards.


“My priority at the moment is to get that core audience with a single power connector,” said Raja Koduri, head of Intel Graphics. Gadget 360, an Indian tech site. “And it can go up to 200W to 225W. And if you nail something a little above and below it, it’ll all be in the sweet spot.”

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