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Intel Releases Professional Single-Slot A60 GPU

Intel announced two brand new Arc Alchemist graphics cards are currently targeting the workstation market. The two GPUs consist of the new single-slot Arc Pro A60 desktop card and Arc Pro A60M mobile GPU. Both GPUs are currently the fastest workstation solutions Intel offers, with more memory and more GPU cores than the previously released Arc Pro A40 and A50 GPUs.

Arc Pro A60 has 16 Xe cores, 256 EUs, 16 RT units and 256 matrix engines with 12GB of GDDR6 memory running on a 192-bit bus. increase. The last point is an interesting point. Previously only the Mobile A730M offered him 12GB of memory. A desktop alternative has emerged.

The mobile A60M has similar specs but with a reduced memory subsystem from 12 GB to 8 GB running on a 128-bit bus. The A60 has a maximum power consumption of 130W TBP, while the Mobile Pro A60M has a maximum power consumption of 95W.

Both GPUs have PCIe lanes upgraded from the previous Pro GPU’s 8 PCIe lanes to 16 lanes (yes, this also includes a mobile version, one of the few mobile GPUs to support a 16-lane configuration). is). This is because the previous Arc Pro solution used the smaller ACM-G11 chip found in the Arc A380 instead of the more powerful ACM-G10 chip found in the Arc A770 and Arc A750. .

(Image source: Intel)

Perhaps the best feature of the Arc Pro A60 is its use of a compact single-slot cooling solution. This makes the Pro A60 easy system compatibility, allowing it to fit into nearly any chassis that doesn’t require a half-height form factor. Intel hasn’t provided exact dimensions, but based on some calculations and published images, it should be around 242 x 111 x 20 mm.

This is a relatively small card that features a ‘blower-style inspired’ cooling design with a single fan in the back that expels air from the front of the card and several ventilation ports on the IO bracket .

The card has a textured matte black finish and the model name is spelled out in glossy letters. The A60 also features a full stack of display outputs with four DisplayPort 2.1 HBM10 (40 Gbps) connectors.

(Image source: Intel)

Despite Intel’s upgrades to PCIe lanes and VRAM, these GPUs aren’t all that fast. Intel’s Arc A770 still offers double the computing power with 32 Xe cores at its disposal. And the Arc A770 is basically keeping pace with the RTX 3060 and possibly the RTX 3060 Ti. That makes the Pro A60 an entry-level upper to mid-range lower graphics solution at best.

Still, for users in the lower tier workstation market, the A60 series should be a competitive offering with plenty of PCIe bandwidth and VRAM capacity (at least for desktop cards). Most cards in this class typically offer 4-8GB of memory at almost half the VRAM bus width of the A60, and offer only 4-8 PCIe lanes at most. Intel’s Arc Pro GPU also comes with workstation-optimized drivers specifically designed for leading workstation applications such as Autodesk, making the A60 an even more compelling card.

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