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Intel Sapphire Rapids-WS Lineup Leaks: Up to 56 Cores With Overclocking

Intel’s plans for the workstation market with Sapphire Rapids-WS are taking shape as a well-known hardware leaker has released preliminary specs for the new CPU. Enthusiastic Citizen, a reputable hardware leaker (ECSM_Official) correct.

Intel’s New Workstation CPU Family

Intel’s next-generation Xeon W processor family for W790-based workstations will reportedly consist of two product families offering slightly different features. The Xeon W 3400 series CPUs are derived from the multi-chiplet Sapphire Rapids design and feature up to 56 cores, 8 DDR5 memory channels and 112 PCIe lanes. Additionally, the CPU cores used in these processors will be from Golden Cove with AVX-512 and AMX instructions enabled. In contrast, the Xeon W-2400 series processors use a single die design with up to 24 cores, 4 DDR5 memory channels and 64 PCIe lanes.

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