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Intel Unveils Core CPU and Arc GPU Bundles, Balanced PC Builds

Intel on Wednesday announced Under its Balanced Builds initiative, the company plans to sell CPU and GPU bundles to mainstream gamers, allowing PC makers to offer Balanced Builds systems with optimal CPU and GPU configurations. His one of the company’s first bundles is a Core i5-12600K processor and Arc A750 graphics card, priced at $423.

Intel’s high-performance Core i9 CPU is one of the best processors for gaming and is usually chosen by enthusiasts, but Intel’s current Arc A700 series graphics cards offer an attractive balance of performance and price. (which is why these are some of the best graphics cards money can buy). However, they are not an option for high-end enthusiast builds. To do that, it doesn’t need to be paired with Intel’s premium Core i9 CPU, and using a more affordable CPU will maximize its performance potential.

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