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Intel’s Arc GPU Roadmap Leaked: Two Battlemage GPUs Coming in 2024

Two newly published slides purportedly reveal a potential Intel Arc desktop GPU roadmap through Q3 2024 and the company’s plans for its codenamed Battlemage family of graphics processors.For slides published by red gaming tech If correct, Intel’s family of desktop graphics processors based on the next-generation Xe2-HPG microarchitecture will include two units designed to offer different levels of performance.

Featuring Intel’s Xe2-HPG microarchitecture, the Arc Battlemage family of desktop graphics processors are similar to the company’s Alchemist lineup. It still includes his two GPUs, the BMG-G10 and BMG-G21, which target the sub-225W and sub-150W power envelopes, but this time Intel is eyeing the enthusiast grade market segment as well. According to the slides, Team Blue plans to roll out his high-end BMG-G10 graphics processor in Q2 2024, followed by his BMG-G21 GPU, which is a performance mainstream later in the quarter. Both are expected to rank among the best graphics cards.

(Image credit: RedGamingTech)


(Image credit: RedGamingTech)

Intel’s Arc Battlemage GPU power targets are relatively low-power, yet fast GPUs for graphics cards, rather than targeting the ultra-high-end market segment occupied by AMD and Nvidia, which Intel recently revealed. corresponds to the plan to build the Still, we’re guessing.

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