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Intel’s Core i5-13400F Gaming Value CPU Hits All-Time Low of $165

Intel’s Core i5-13400 (and iGPU-less 13400F twin) tops the list of best CPUs for gaming as it offers great gaming performance at an affordable price. The chip has 10 cores, of which 6 are performance cores, 4 are efficiency cores and it also has 16 threads. It has a top boost frequency of 4.6 GHz and operates at a 65 W TDP.

Normally, you’d pay around $200 for the 13400F, but it’s now available on both Amazon and Best Buy. you can get it for $165, at least $20 is the lowest price ever. The 13400F is recommended as part of our two best PC builds. The $800 and $1,000 builds are priced at $208. Drop about $40 off that price and you’ll save a lot, and you could potentially invest the savings in a faster graphics card or a larger SSD.

When we reviewed the Core i5-13400F, we praised the chip for its strong 1080p gaming performance. In Windows 11 testing, the 13400 paired with DDR4-3600 memory edged out the much more expensive Ryzen 5 7600 ($219) by just a few fps, and even beat last year’s Core i5-12600K. The next step up is the Core i5-13600K which costs around $259 and boasts a 5.1 GHz boost clock with 14 cores and 20 threads.

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It has a Core i5-13400 (non-F) Selling for $199. However, getting a chip with a GPU inside is not recommended. If you’re building a gaming system, consider a discrete GPU and a discrete graphics card ( $139 Intel Arc A380to create mincemeat for Intel’s integrated graphics.

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