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Intel’s Ponte Vecchio is Finally in The Wild

We’ve been talking about Intel’s Ponte Vecchio for over three years, including photos from the lab, but no one has actually seen the Intel Data Center GPU Max 1550 (based on a PVC design). There were hardly any. The reason is that this chip has been delayed many times and never delivered in server systems, but now things have changed and Intel says these 8-OAM systems will be available to customers in his July. I promise. At Computex, Supermicro decided to correct this mistake, demonstrating the X13 8U 8-Way Ponte Vecchio GPU system for AI and HPC as well as the compute GPU itself.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Intel’s Ponte Vecchio represents the pinnacle of processor complexity, boasting a die size of 2,330 mm² combined with over 100 billion transistors (excluding memory). The PVC design includes compute tiles, Rambo cache tiles, Xe Link tiles, and HBM2E memory stacks interconnected using Intel’s advanced packaging technologies such as Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB) and Foveros47 A complex arrangement of individual tiles. PVC tiles are manufactured and assembled using a variety of process technologies.

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