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Intel’s Raptor Lake Reportedly Has 350W Turbo Mode, But Only on New Motherboards

According to a new report, Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake processors have a secret sauce that will deliver unbeatable performance in demanding applications. A new 350W power cap that can be triggered by a new turbo mode that increases the CPU clock. However, there is a problem. 350W mode only works on select motherboards with Intel’s 700 series chipsets.

The new 350W MTP mode will boost the performance of Intel’s next-generation Core i9 processors by around 15% (so expect core clocks above 6.50 GHz in this mode). However, your time is limited. pro hard barThis mode will also require a very good cooling system, so we speculate that the majority of next-gen Core i9 owners will have to go with either an advanced liquid cooling system or a massive air cooling system. will be

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