Is this upstart app the reason Meta’s Threads does not have a website?

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Meta’s Threads launched on July 6th, gaining tens of millions of users on the first day and gaining notoriety worldwide.But Meta seems to have that DNA in another threads app as well launched In 2022.

Users quickly realized that the Threads app had no desktop interface or website at all. moreover, terms and conditions It does not have a dedicated Threads domain and is directly listed on Facebook and Instagram docs in the app stores.

The reason may be strategically due to another “threads” app named “threads” ( This app happened to be founded by a former Meta employee. is a productivity platform designed to improve workplace communication and efficiency. Built as a competitor to the popular communication tool Slack, offers solutions for sharing work, having quick discussions with team members, and harnessing the power of generative AI to streamline business processes. increase.


in a conversation with crypto slate, CEO and co-founder of, former Meta employee Rousseau Kaji, has a positive outlook on the situation despite the potential for confusion between the two platforms, saying Meta’s It showed no animosity about the shared name with the new app. .

Kaji commented that he sees Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg as a mentor, saying: crypto slate,

“Zach, Adam Mosseri and the team are without doubt the best mentors for me to work with and learn from. I am optimistic that we will succeed.”

Kazi’s optimism extends to his commitment to improving He believes AI-powered applications are the best platform for communicating and connecting in the workplace, saying, “We will continue to focus on making this the best platform for connecting and communicating in the workplace. ‘ said.

Since its launch, Threads on Meta has gone viral, securing tens of millions of signups despite the lack of a web interface. However, it’s unclear if the lack of a desktop platform is a strategic move or partly due to the existence of

But despite the similarity in names, Kaji was generous, commenting:

“Thread is a powerful word and a term unique to the internet. Using threads across different platforms is the best way to stay connected with your network or company. It is not surprising that they have chosen a strong label to express their views on the construction of the town square.”

There was no sign of hostility or legal action from the CEO, but the same cannot be said for Twitter owner Elon Musk. Musk filed a lawsuit against Meta, accusing it of hiring a former Twitter employee to use “Twitter’s trade secrets” to build threads.

“Twitter has serious concerns that Meta is involved in the systematic, intentional, and unlawful misappropriation of Twitter’s trade secrets and other intellectual property.”

Ironically, a former Meta employee who potentially has a similar ax over the name of “Thread” described Meta’s top executives as “the best mentors and brains I should work with and learn from.” Yes.

For now, the lack of a website in the meta thread seems fine, but time will tell if a change in strategy is necessary.

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