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Jensen Huang and Lisa Su Family Tree Shows How Closely They Are Related

We already knew that Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang and AMD president and CEO Dr. Lisa Su had something to do with it. It is also a matter of record that they were both born. Tainan,Taiwan. How closely these two of his PC tech giants are related thanks to the research of senior media official, family heritage researcher and show host Wu Jiajing. is now more clearly understood. Jinchat.

Added English comments to the tree (Image credit: Jin Chat)

Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang’s fame has skyrocketed in recent months. As his newfound ‘rock star’ fame proved, crowd Most prominently in his native Taiwan at the recent Computex 2023 show. Is it because of Nvidia’s success story, which is usually the focus of Taiwan’s news broadcasting business, or because Nvidia broke the $1 trillion valuation milestone? It’s probably a combination of these things. Yes, and now Mr. Huang is getting more media coverage, both in business and personal.

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