Kevin Spacey, in U.K. Trial, Denies Abusing Position of Power

Kevin Spacey told a British jury on Friday that some of the sexual assault charges against him were “totally fictional” and “totally fictional”.

During his trial in a London court, Mr Spacey hit back at several questions posed by prosecutor Christine Agnew.

On one occasion, Mr. Spacey said, “It’s just a hoax right now.” On another, he said the prosecution’s arguments were “weak.” Presiding Judge Mark Wall repeatedly interrupted Mr Spacey to answer the prosecutor directly.

Spacey, 63, has pleaded not guilty to 12 counts related to a case that prosecutors say involved four men between 2001 and 2013. For most of that time, the Oscar- and Tony-winning actor served as the film’s artistic director. Old Vic Theater in London.

Sitting in front of the courtroom, Mr Spacey, wearing a blue suit and patterned tie, was cross-examined for nearly three hours the day after he gave his statement.

At one point Agnew asked Mr Spacey whether he agreed that Mr Spacey was the “golden boy of London theater” at the time of the alleged encounter, and that Mr Spacey’s reputation was used by accusers to I asked if the chances of reporting Mr. Spacey were low. .

Spacey said he used his position to “help others and create art” and restore the Old Vic’s reputation. “I didn’t have a wand of power to swing in people’s faces when I wanted someone to sleep with me,” Spacey added.

At the beginning of last month’s case, prosecutor Agnew said Spacey was a “sexual bully” whose “preferred method of assault” was “aggressively grabbing other men by the groin.” Stated.

Days after Agnew’s opening remarks, a jury heard from four unnamed plaintiffs details of their meeting with Agnew. Some of the accusers claimed to have been grabbed by Spacey. Under UK law, it is illegal to identify a whistleblower in a sexual assault case or to publish information that could identify a whistleblower.

On Friday, Spacey said he had no “trademark” moves or groping people. “I know myself,” said the actor.

Agnew asked Spacey about his encounter with one of the charges, and the complainant told British police that during the party, Spacey hugged him, kissed him twice on the neck, and said, “Calm down.” Do it,” he said, grabbing his crotch. . Spacey noted that touching the man’s crotch wasn’t his first move.

“I accept that I got the signal wrong,” Spacey added of the encounter.

During the morning session, Mr. Spacey was also questioned about his encounters with other complainants. He said he didn’t remember all the events clearly, but he had a “naughty relationship” with one of his accusers and had consensual oral sex with another.

Spacey was most animated when asked about accusations of assaulting a man on a charity day. The actor said he did not accept “one word” of the accusers’ testimony. Spacey said the accuser may be making statements against him with a “money, money, and money” motive.

After Mr. Spacey’s cross-examination, the court rested for lunch. Defense attorneys are expected to spend several days calling witnesses in support of Mr. Spacey’s case.

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