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Leica MPi Camera Uses Raspberry Pi Zero W with HQ Camera Module

of raspberry pi has a history of adding new features to old technology, and the world of photography is no stranger to our favorite SBC.Created by maker, photographer, musician, and full-stack roboticist Michael Suguitan Leica MPiIt uses a Leica M2 camera and embeds a Raspberry Pi Zero W (Zero 2 W also works) and a Raspberry Pi HQ camera inside it.

It costs less than $100 to build and is implemented by stacking a series of parts that match the camera. Suguitan emphasizes that the construction is non-destructive, saying, “The digital back replaces the existing film door and pressure plate, allowing for reversibility.” The Raspberry Pi Zero W uses a CSI cable to connect to the HQ camera and a 1.3 inch Waveshare LCD module provides video output.

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