LINK staking in community pool filled within the first 2 hours

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Public access to stake in the community pool of the prominent oracle network Chainlink was filled within two hours of its launch. At press time, all 22,500,000 LINK tokens worth approximately $15.84 million have been staked.

Staking LINK will remain locked until staking v0.2 is released in about 9-12 months. Node operators and community members can earn 4.75% rewards for increasing the security of Oracle services through staking.

link pool
link pool

The community pool allowed anyone to wager up to 7,000 LINK per address, subject to an initial pool cap of 25M LINK and other requirements. Of the 25 million, 22.5 million of his LINKs were allocated to community holders on a first-come, first-served basis, and 2.5 million to node operators.

Before community access, Chainlink staking Early Access launched on December 6th, over $75 million in LINK tokens wagered in the first 24 hours. In the limited size v0.1 Early Access staking pool, Early access eligibility list You can bet up to 7,000 LINK.

LINK staking attracts a lot of interest

Two weeks until LINK’s staking, Delphi Digital report Nearly 17.5 million LINKs have moved from exchanges, indicating high expectations.

Some users faced difficulties once they started eating the last bite of LINK staking.

At the time of writing, LINK is priced at $7.04, up 3.08% in 24 hours and has a total of 751,474 owners.

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