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Linux Finally Hits 3% of Desktop PC Share After 30 Years

Linux has some advantages over Apple’s Mac and Microsoft’s Windows, but it’s not very popular on PCs.After 30 years on the market, the open source operating system reportedly achieved his 3% share of the desktop PC OS market share. linaniac Quote statistics countermarked a record high.

Windows currently holds 68.15% of the PC market share, MacOS is 21.38%, Chrome OS is 4.15%, and Linux is used in 3.08% of PCs. About 3.24% of all systems are running FreeBSD or an unknown operating system. These are most likely very new or very old versions of the popular OS.

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Based on StatCounter data, Linux’s share has doubled since then. 1.64% Meanwhile, MacOS’ share has increased from 12.33% in 2018 to 21.38% today, while Windows’ share has fallen from about 82% five years ago to 68.15% today.

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(Image credit: StatCounter)

However, while Linux is rarely used on desktop PCs, the OS’s versatility, security, and open-source nature that allows developers to innovate rapidly have made it a popular choice for servers, supercomputers, edge systems, IoT, and embedded PCs. dominate the market.

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