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Linux to Support Firewire Until 2029

Firewire is entering a new lease period, extending support on the Linux operating system through 2029. Pholonics report Linux maintainer Takashi Sakamoto has volunteered to oversee Linux’s Firewire subsystem during this time, working on Firewire’s core functionality and a few remaining sound drivers that still use the connectivity standard. It’s a schedule.

Additionally, Takashi Sakamoto says his research will help users migrate from Firewire to the latest technology standards, such as USB 2.0. Apparently, Firewire still has a large enough devoted fan base to warrant his six years of support. However, we suspect this will be the final stage of his Firewire support around the Linux operating system. By 2029, it’s highly likely that Firewire will eventually be completely removed from the Linux kernel.

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