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Liquid Cooled HDD Study Touts Greater Reliability, Lower TCO

Iceotope, specialists in immersion cooling, study In the wake of a series of tests completed on one of Meta’s (Facebook), we share the results. data centerThis study carefully examined the pros and cons of precision single-phase immersion cooling in companies with high-density data storage servers. Iceotope says the results are “conclusive” and that this cooling method is a superior solution compared to air cooling and other forms of liquid cooling such as cold plates, tank immersion or two-stage immersion. claim to have proven it.

HDDs are still in high demand in data centers, and Seagate says 90% of cloud storage uses this mechanical magnetic storage technology. At the same time, consumer demand for higher bitrate content and the creation of new storage-hungry content (photos, videos, etc.) will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. Therefore, optimizing storage facilities with respect to reliability, efficiency, and total cost of ownership (TCO) is critical for companies like Meta, which he partnered with Iceotope for this study.

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