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Logitech Acquires Loupedeck to Enhance Its Software Roadmap

Logitech, a significant maker of peripherals in general and gaming peripherals in particular, cannot afford to ignore the content creator and streamer market currently virtually dominated by Corsair’s Elgato. Logitech announced Tuesday that it has acquired streaming controller specialist Loupedeck, allowing it to cater to streamers with dedicated products. Additionally, the company plans to extend Loupedeck’s expertise beyond controllers.

Streaming controllers are a dynamically evolving and profitable market. Retail prices for these controllers range from $199 to $499 apiece, and the company also makes Stream his controllers for his Razer, and plans to continue developing them after joining Logitech. The latter, on the other hand, acquires a potentially profitable business with many opportunities beyond the gaming market.

Loupedeck Live S Streaming Console

Loupedeck’s Streaming Controller is a versatile device running unique multi-faceted software that supports game streaming tools such as OBS, Twitch, vMix, Ecamm Live and other applications widely used by content creators. The list includes programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Philips Hue Bridge. It also supports dozens of profiles to tweak for your application and can be used for content creation flows outside the game streaming world.

The Loupedeck integration strengthens Logitech’s ability to provide creative tools to a diverse user base that includes gamers, livestreamers, YouTubers and other creative professionals. The two companies share a skill set in developing products that integrate hardware and software, but it remains to be seen how Logitech plans to leverage Loupedeck’s expertise. The company says the acquisition will strengthen its ability to deliver a personalized and contextual control experience across all devices. This could indicate that Loupedeck’s device will continue to deliver on that promise. Alternatively, it could imply that Loupedeck’s expertise goes beyond controllers.

Logitech G General Manager, Ujesh Desai said: “This acquisition strengthens Logitech’s product portfolio today and accelerates our software ambition to create a better experience for audiences across Logitech by making keyboards, mice and more smarter and situational. .” Game unit.

One of the key details is that Logitech plans to engage and support Loupedeck’s growing developer community and encourage further third-party innovation.

Joining Logitech allows us to take what we do to the next level and exponentially expand our impact on our audience and creative process.said Mikko Kesti, CEO of Loupedeck.

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