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MetalFish Aquarium PC Case Gets Tested, Fish Get Underfloor Heating

MetalFish PC chassis and aquarium hybrid tested According to Japanese tech site. PC Watch Satoshi Hinuma found the finished build to be an unpleasant mix of inner healing and PC component/fish anxiety. Japan had to face additional natural challenges.

In August, we first reported on the MetalFish Y2 Fish Tank Chassis. If you don’t already know the name, this was a hybrid of his Micro-ATX PC chassis and aquarium. Readers were concerned about both the PC components under the tank and the fate of the fish being heated in the tank. So it’s interesting to consider the results of the first professional tests of the MetalFish chassis, but with the added concern of unpredictable earthquakes.

(Image credit: MetalFish)

First off, it’s clear that the PC section of the Y2 Fish Tank Chassis isn’t that big (about 12 liters), but the PC build doesn’t seem overly complicated or limited when using compact, SFF-friendly components. I didn’t see it. A PCIe riser cable is also included so you can install a modestly sized graphics card under your aquarium. Even after the PC is fully assembled, the owner has very easy access to her PC components. This is because the motherboard and component tray can be slid out after removing a few screws.

MetalFish Y2 Aquarium Chassis

(Image credit: MetalFish)

With the PC build layers complete, the reviewer started with the aquarium section. Below are some key concerns and interesting observations from this part of the build process.

  • A crack entered the screw hole of the acrylic top plate.
  • You can choose between aquarium insulation or a more attractive RGB LED view.
  • The brightness of the LEDs on the top of the tank was very high and not adjustable. It was not integrated into the PC’s RGB LED control.
  • The vents in the PC case added to the worry of spills and splashes from the aquarium above.
  • The glass water tank weighs 12 kg (26.5 lbs), and when you add the recommended 10-12 liters of water, the fragile box weighs about 24 kg (53 lbs), making it difficult to move and re-use your PC. The placement becomes very unstable.
  • The locality of the earthquake area amplified concerns about water runoff. Even a slight shake can cause a spill.

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