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‘METIOR’ Defense Blueprint Against Side-Channel Vulnerabilities Debuts

It’s been some time since the explosion of awareness in 2019, but side-channel attack prevention remains an important part of cybersecurity. Bizarre approaches to information theft, side-channel attacks undermined both AMD’s and Intel’s CPU designs, and the vulnerabilities proved to be serious enough that companies would rather have their customers run on insecure hardware. , chose to deploy a performance-degrading patch. now, A new MIT framework named Metior It aims to improve the world’s ability to better understand side-channel attacks and possibly improve how to defend against them.

Metior is an analytics framework Built by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it aims to simplify hardware and software design frameworks and improve defenses against known (and unknown) side-channel attacks. Essentially, Metior allows engineers to quantitatively assess how much information an attacker can steal with a given side-channel attack.

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