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Micron Delays EUV RAM to 2025, Lays Off 10% of Workforce

Micron of the week announced Drastic cost-cutting measures including a 10% headcount reduction and further reductions in capital expenditures. As a result, the company will slow down the launch of new DRAM nodes and delay the introduction of his 1γ (1-gamma) production node, which uses extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography, until 2025. Meanwhile, the company has started sampling his 24Gb. DDR5 memory devices for enterprise applications.

Delayed EUV rollout

Micron is the only major DRAM manufacturer not using EUV lithography in its modern manufacturing process. The memory maker plans to use EUV for multiple layers of his 1γ manufacturing technology, which was due to be introduced in 2024. This is because Micron will need to cut spending on new equipment in 2023 and his 2024 fiscal year and cut his DRAM bit shipments in 2023. DRAM ramp-up in 1β and 1γ manufacturing technologies will need to be delayed in the next few quarters.

The company’s latest 1β (1-beta) manufacturing node (increasing bit density by 35% and improving power efficiency by 15%) relies solely on deep ultraviolet (DUV lithography). In contrast, Samsung and SK Hynix are already using his EUV scanner for multiple layers of 4th generation 10nm class technology (1α, 1-alpha) and 5th generation 10nm class DRAM node. We plan to increase its use in However, the company is delaying his 1β to reduce bit production shipments and reduce CapEx. This is why we also delay the introduction of 1γ.

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“Given our decision to delay ramping up production of 1β DRAM, we expect the introduction of 1γ (1-gamma) to be in 2025.” statement By micron reading. Similarly, the next NAND node beyond 232-layer 3D NAND memory will be postponed in line with new demand prospects and increased required supply. ”

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