Microsoft building in-house AI chip “Athena”

According to a report in The Information on, Microsoft is building its own artificial intelligence (AI) chip for use in language models. April 18th.

That report shows that Microsoft has been developing an in-house chip codenamed “Athena” since at least 2019. The tech giant intends for Athena to perform better and be available at a lower cost than externally manufactured options. .

The chip is reportedly available for testing between select employees of Microsoft and OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT. Microsoft has invested billions in OpenAI, leading to a partnership between the two companies.

Microsoft has not officially announced this chip. Instead, the information cites two individuals of hers who identify the product as its source.

The information pointed out that other big tech companies, including Amazon, Google and Facebook, are already producing their own in-house AI chips.

The news comes shortly after Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk revealed plans to develop a chatbot called TruthGPT and filed paperwork to form a company called X.AI. .

It first appeared in CryptoSlate after Microsoft built its AI chip “Athena” in-house.

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