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Microsoft Is Finally Selling Replacement Parts for Some Surface Devices

Microsoft finally made replacement parts for Surface devices available in the US, Canada, and France. These components are intended for tech-savvy customers who want to repair their device after the warranty has expired.Find available parts in the Microsoft store.

Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro 9 (Intel and 5G SQ3 models), Surface Laptop 3, Surface Laptop 4, Surface Laptop 5, Surface Laptop Go 2, Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Studio 2 Plus desktops.

Some devices, such as the Surface Pro 9, have many replaceable parts, such as kickstands, displays, batteries, ports, back covers, speakers and network modules, and cameras. Some models, such as the Surface Pro 7, only have a repairable kickstand. While most Surface Laptops come with display, keyboard, SSD and rubber feet options, the Surface Laptop 5 also has new housing, ports, thermal modules and battery options. A full list can be found here: Microsoft blog post Announce news.

Parts aren’t cheap. Replacement battery for Surface Pro 9 $237.99 It’s $249.99 for the Intel model and $249.99 for the Arm version (which is weird because they look the same). New screen on Surface Pro 9 Up to $362.99. New keyboard for Surface Laptop 5 Starting at $87.99 For a 13.5-inch device with platinum-colored Alcantara fabric, other materials, colors and sizes jump to $137.99.

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