Mining in the wake of the ‘Merge’ & cost of Living crisis w/ChumpchangeXD – GotGh Podcst #1


  • State of Cryptocurrency Mining Following Recent Event Called ‘Merge’
  • Merger Impact on Mining Profitability
  • Rise in electricity prices for miners
  • The possibility of heating your home with cryptominers
  • The host’s experience in mining and selling virtual currency for HDMI cables.


In the podcast “Gathering of the Gigahash” hosts Dave and Akiba talk with guests ChumpchangeXD about the state of mining after the “merger” and the current economic downturn. Champ explained that rising electricity prices have made mining less profitable. However, he hopes the market will turn around and mining will be profitable again.

The organizers also talk about their own experiences with mining. Dave reveals that Chump pays 10 times more electricity than he does, and Akiba shares that his electricity bill has increased since the “merger” and the recession. The host, who first introduced the podcast, explains that he’s shifting the focus of the series from his miners at scale to people like Champ who are still mining.

Throughout the conversation, speakers will touch on a variety of mining-related topics such as power costs, mining profitability, and the impact of market fluctuations on the industry. They also share personal anecdotes and experiences with mining, including a host who sold all of their cryptocurrency for HDMI cables.

Overall, the podcast offers a glimpse into the current state of mining and the challenges faced by individual miners. While rising power costs have made mining less profitable for some, the speakers are optimistic about the future of the industry and the potential for a turnaround for the market.

Post ‘Merge’ & cost of Living Crisis w/ChumpchangeXD Post-Mining – GotGh Podcst #1 first appeared on CryptoSlate.

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