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Miniware TS1C Review: Cordless, Smart Soldering Station

In the world of soldering, best soldering irons and stations Everyone is vying for your attention and money. Soldering stations are large and bulky. If you have the desk space, it’s a strong workhorse to get the job done. But what if you need a soldering station but don’t have the space? Miniware’s newest soldering station, the TS1C, is a cordless smart soldering station that uses a supercapacitor inside the soldering iron. Supercapacitors are suitable for many solder joints, and OLED displays can be used to monitor power and temperature status. The soldering iron and station are connected using Bluetooth.

But is the $125 price justified, or is it best to buy a soldering station with hot air rework capabilities? I need to pull out a few more kits to solder.

Miniware TS1C Specifications

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Power 45W (20V * 2.25A) for USB C row 0 – cell 2
soldering iron tip TS-B02 row 1 – cell 2
screen 128×64 pixel OLED row 2 – cell 2
temperature Up to 400°C / 750°F row 3 – cell 2
size Station: 44.5 x 122 x 73mm Iron: 23 x 133mm Row 4 – Cell 2

Miniware TS1C Look and Feel

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