MITH token plummets 20% as CZ responds to Mithril’s request for return of 200k BNB deposit

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Mithril murmured On December 16, he commented on Binance’s announcement to delist MITH, stating that MITH’s listing process required a deposit of 200,000 BNB to Binance.Mithril Said It has a “long history of working with Binance since 2018,” donating to Binance Charity and collaborating with other Binance initiatives.

The Mithril community has demanded that Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) return the 200,000 BNB deposit so that Mithril can continue to function.

CZ responded He said on Twitter that he had seen Mithril’s post and confirmed the situation. In response, CZ added an image of the terms of the Mithril contract.[Mithril’s] (and community) reference.

“We usually keep confidentiality until you break it. Insurance deposits are there to encourage builders to continue building.”

CZ Said It said the price of the MITH token was “well below the trigger level,” and that both Mithril websites were offline, with Mithril “not tweeting or updating.” [their] Community for almost two years. “

“We believe our team made the right decision and acted entirely within its right to do so.”

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