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Mystery Intel Arc Desktop GPU With 16 Xe Cores Spotted in CompuBench

I haven’t seen an Intel Arc A580 desktop graphics card (24 Xe cores) yet, but I have passed what looks like an Arc A550 desktop graphics card (16 Xe cores). CompuBench (H/T @KOMACHI_ENSAKA). If Intel gets around to releasing the Arc A580 (if they do?), it makes sense to release a junior model such as the Arc A550 so as not to leave a huge gap with the Arc A380 which only has 8 Xe cores. It may be suitable.

Make room for the Arc A550 (Image credit: Intel)

Intel has an existing Arc A550M graphics card for laptops, which also has 16 Xe cores. However, this mobile graphics card’s GPU core clock is much slower than CompuBench’s mystery GPU.

mobile Ark A550M The product operates up to 900 MHz and has a TGP of 60 W. It has 8GB of 14GBps GDDR6 on a 128-bit bus for 224GBps bandwidth. Compare these GPU clocks to the purported desktop Arc A550, which also has 16 Xe cores (for 256 CUs). In our benchmark runs, the desktop Arc A550’s GPU clock looks much higher, around 2,400-2,450 MHz.

Unfortunately, the CompuBench data doesn’t give us any important specs other than the benchmark.

Intel Arc A550 Benchmark sysinfo

(Image credit: Future)

CompuBench is not the most popular benchmarking tool. It’s also not the tool of choice for comparing GPUs, so some reference points within the existing Intel Arc range may be helpful. The following table shows the alleged Arc A550 compared to other cards in the Arc lineup using CompuBench Vertex Connection and Merging performance data.

Swipe to scroll horizontally


Xe core

VRAM CompuBench test (mPixels/s)

Ark A770




Ark A750




Ark A580 twenty four 8GB

Ark A550?




Ark A380




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