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New Memory Research Teases 100x Density Jump, Merged Compute and Memory

New research along the forefront of materials engineering Truly amazing performance gains in computing devices are expected. A research team led by Markus Helbrand and colleagues at the University of Cambridge believes that a new material based on a hafnium oxide layer tunneled by a voltage-varying barium spike will blend the properties of memory and process-dependent materials. This means that the device can act as data storage, provide 10-100 times the density of existing storage media, or be used as a processing unit.

Published in Science Advances journalThis research paves the way for potentially significant improvements in computing device density, performance, and energy efficiency. In fact, typical USB sticks (what they call) based on this technology are very important. continuous range) could contain 10 to 100 times more information than is currently in use.

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