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New Xbox Controllers Include Pizza-Scented, Pizza-Shaped Diffuser

Microsoft today announced a new limited edition version of its iconic Xbox controller.built as Part of the marketing effort for the upcoming movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant MayhemWith that in mind, you might think that these controllers use aesthetic criteria (such as TMNT’s bandana) to distinguish them from the usual Microsoft controller designs. He has four variations, one for each of the anthropomorphic turtles who are ninjutsu specialists.

But maybe that’s why neither you nor I are Xbox controller designers. We just don’t think outside the pizza box more than we should. At Microsoft, someone definitely did. These controllers are more advanced than anything we’ve seen before, and they really smell like pizza. It’s unclear what type of pizza this scent is from (hopefully it doesn’t contain any “sewage drift” from the original material).

“I love the smell of pizza in the morning” (Image credit: Microsoft/Xbox)

Microsoft says the scent is produced by a pizza slice-shaped scent diffuser attached to the back of the controller shell (huh). But unfortunately this is just a limited edition. There are only 4 of these controllers and you can earn: Participate in social media promotions for movies.

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