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Noctua Announce 24V to 12V DC Step-Down Voltage Converter For 3D Printers

Noctua has released the long awaited 24V DC to 12V DC step-down voltage NA-VC1 is an ultra-compact adapter that facilitates the operation of standard 12V DC fans in a 24V DC environment. 3D printing enthusiasts are one of the designated target markets for the NA-VC1 as most of the best 3D printers use a 24V fan power system, but there are also hobbyist, industrial and automotive customers. Noctua believes there will be

Check out Noctua’s cooling fan product page and you’ll quickly see that they offer far more 12V fans than models. Designed for 24V DC operation. The NA-VC1 therefore opens up even more possibilities when you need a 24V fan. The step-down voltage converter offers some top quality features as you would expect from this brand. NA-VC1 features such as integrated protection against short circuit, reverse polarity, overcurrent and overtemperature are welcomed by this product operating at temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. In addition, its ultra-compact form factor makes it easy to integrate in space-constrained environments.

(Image credit: Noctua)

Noctua CEO Roland Mossig has acknowledged the potential popularity of the NA-VC1 among 3D printing enthusiasts. He noted the popularity of Noctua fans among 3D printer users, but lamented that many had to resort to “cheap, low-quality buck converters,” which he said was “significant. It could pose a security problem,” he said. Usually manufacturers use a “step-down converter” (such as the LM2596) or a linear voltage regulator (L78S12CV) to drop the he 24V to he 12V.

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