Non-whale BTC investors break accumulation record last seen in 2017

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Aggregated data crypto slate It shows that the number of Bitcoin wallets holding 10-100 BTC has grown from 2.98 to over 3.26 million coins between 2018 and 2022.

However, there are some caveats with this data when it comes to accuracy. An unknown number of these wallets belonged to exchanges, over-the-counter trading desks, or other entities rather than to individuals. In addition, data on Bitcoin aSPOR trends also show extreme capitulation of the overall market.

It is also unknown whether new or existing users have wallets. Nevertheless, the data offer some interesting insights.

One is that the number of Bitcoin wallets holding non-whale amounts of BTC has increased significantly in recent months. This suggests that demand for his BTC is growing among smaller investors and that there is a growing appetite for Bitcoin as an investment.

It is also worth noting that the increase in wallets holding 10-100 BTC is much larger than the increase in wallets holding 1-10 BTC. This suggests that people who own Bitcoin are investing more and more. Cryptocurrency. The data set may indicate that Bitcoin is becoming more mainstream and more people are recognizing its potential as an investment. A chart representing a coin entity.

Non-Whale BTC Investors

This metric reflects two types of retail Bitcoin holders who accumulated record amounts of BTC after the FTX crash.

Traders who trade cryptocurrencies using derivatives and leveraged products. This group has been accumulating BTC since the beginning of November.

The second group consists of smaller non-whale investors, who have been buying BTC in bulk since mid-October when the market began to crash. These retail investors seem unaffected by his FUD over the FTX drop and bear market.

Additionally, data suggests that the number of active non-whale investors has increased significantly since mid-October, indicating that smaller investors are feeling more confident in the cryptocurrency market.

according to crypto slate rInvestors other than esports, whales are likely buying downside, accumulating record amounts of BTC over the past few weeks. , which may lead to potential recovery in the short term.

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