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NVIDIA CES 2023 Special Address Live Blog (8am PT/16:00 UTC)

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11:04 AM EST – DLSS 3 game demo running

11:03 AM EST – 50 released or upcoming DLSS 3 titles

11:03 AM EST – Keep an eye out for NVIDIA’s next DLSS 3 update due later this quarter

11:02 AM EST – Ada introduced the hardware required for DLSS 3, NVIDIA’s frame interpolation technology

11:01 AM EST – Reproduction of Ada Lovelace Architecture

11:01 AM EST – First game

11:01 AM EST – This is expected to be breakneck speed, covering several of NVIDIA’s business segments

11:00 AM EST – It all started with Jeff Fisher

11:00 AM EST – Kicking off the year with NVIDIA’s “Special Talk” presentation.

11:00 AM EST – Thank you for attending another CES

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