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Nvidia Software QA Manager Says Long-Awaited DPC Latency Fix Is Ready

Nvidia about to release an ongoing driver fix DPC latency problem. Manuel Guzman, Nvidia’s software quality assurance spokesman, said in a Twitter post that a fix is ​​in the works.However, the release of the update still required Pass standard QA tests pre-distribution procedures.

Nvidia has gone to great lengths to minimize input lag and improve responsiveness with projects such as Nvidia Reflex, but users of its drivers have experienced DPC lag issues across several generations of GPUs. I have been annoyed.

(Image credit: Nvidia)

For those unfamiliar with DPC latency, it’s a system latency introduced by Windows’ Deferred Procedure Call (DPC). DPC is designed to defer higher priority tasks when they are needed but lower priority tasks to run later. However, when the DPC buffer fills up, you may experience stutters, skips, and similar glitches in video and audio. Such annoying lag symptoms are highly undesirable when playing games, watching videos, and creating or listening to music.

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