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Nvidia Subtly Digs AMD and Intel Over Frequency of Driver Updates

Sean Pelletier, senior product manager at Nvidia, has been critical of AMD and Intel in the past. twitter in the morning, contains a spreadsheet showing the capabilities of Nvidia’s driver development team compared to its competitors. This spreadsheet shows how many fully certified, non-beta driver updates Nvidia has published over the past two years, and how those updates feature significantly more gaming support compared to AMD and Intel. increase. The tweet subtly criticizes Intel and AMD for not doing numerous driver updates for their GPUs, suggesting that their driver packages are of poor quality.

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It’s the second time this year that Nvidia has casually bashed a competitor over “poor” GPU driver updates, and it seems to be a growing trend from Nvidia. In a driver development blog post earlier this year, Nvidia boasted that it never made a beta driver. Be aware that beta drivers are “substandard” and have been created with minimal testing. This is a clear attack on AMD, which is lavishly releasing his drivers in beta.

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