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Nvidia’s AI-Generated Toy Jensen Sings Jingle Bells

Nvidia released a celebratory video featuring Cute bobblehead avatar of CEO Jensen Huang singing jingle bells. A traditional Christmas his song is his style 50’s crooner jazzed up with some cool finger-snap action from a ‘Toy Jensen’ draped leather jacket. This fun video showcases cool tech and gets you in the holiday spirit.

The video release isn’t just about wishing Nvidia fans a happy holiday. indicate (opens in new tab) The power of the Nvidia Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) platform. The performance took “only hours” to render and demonstrate realistic facial expressions and body movements, along with voice-to-speech technology that mapped Jensen’s tone to a professional singer’s performance. This is not an actual recording of Jensen’s singing voice.

Nvidia’s development team deconstructed the video elements and used a recently developed model to map Jensen Huang’s vocal tone to a professional vocalist singing samples of Jingle Bells. Professionally sung notes have been applied to Toyon Jensen’s digital voice, allowing your avatar to sing with the correct notes and rhythm. It is worth noting that the arrangement of this performance was not generated by his AI, but was put together by composer and producer Jochem van der Saag, who has worked with Michael Bublé and David Foster.

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Omniverse next audio 2 face (opens in new tab) When Audio2Gesture (opens in new tab) Technology was used to generate realistic facial expressions and gestures to accompany the animated musical performance of the Toy Jensen avatar. To achieve a fuller X-Factor talent show style performance, we believe Nvidia needs to develop new Audio2Walk-down-steps technology.

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