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Nvidia’s New GeForce Driver Claims to Fix DPC Latency Issues

Nvidia just released New Game Ready Driver, was headlined as offering support for several new games. in particular, Portal: Prelude RTXwith RTX IO support (a variant of DirectStorage, said to work on non-Nvidia GPUs as well). Ratchet and Clank: Lift Apart, which also supports RTX IO. Alongside gaming, this is also AIB’s first driver to support his GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 16GB custom card. However, you should dig into: Release notes See (PDF) to confirm that this is the long-awaited driver release that finally addresses DPC delays.

Last month, Nvidia’s Software Quality Assurance spokesman Manuel Guzman reported that he suggested that a fix for the DPC lag had been developed and was in the process of going through QA before being rolled out. Deferred Procedure Calls (DPCs) in Windows are designed to allow higher priority tasks to be needed but lower priority tasks to be postponed for later execution. If a driver’s DPC routine is not written correctly, users may experience symptoms such as choppy video and audio, skipping, and similar glitches. For users who are unsure if they are affected, Latencymon tools, to check their number; Lower values ​​are better.

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Nvidia’s 536.67 WHQL driver fixes two bugs, according to the release notes. One to address the game crash issue when applying the Freestyle filter, and another to address DPC lag. As you can see in the screenshot, we haven’t gotten much information from Nvidia regarding this fix. All I can find is that using the new driver should eliminate “his DPC latency increase observed in his Latencymon on Ampere-based GPUs.” [3952556]This reference number indicates that this issue was raised in a “Known Issues” last year.

Last month, we pointed out that the value of Nvidia’s fix can only be demonstrated by having a large number of users test it and be happy with it. Signs So Far (Just Hours After Release) Not 100% positive. Note that Manuel Guzman is chatting with two of his users who do not feel the benefits of the new driver. As of this writing, further independent testing is required to validate the fix, and more work may be required to truly fix the root cause.

Nvidia 536.67 driver notes

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