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Ossia Unveils Next-Gen, 5.8-GHz Wireless Power (But Where’s the First Gen?)

All the radio waves and signals bouncing around you can be summed up in one thing: energy. Sure, they might carry Wi-Fi and sound, connect your cell phone, and deliver the latest Harry Styles tune, but they’re all energy at heart. So it should be able to provide power as well as entertainment, right?

That’s the promise of Ossia and other wireless technology companies, and unfortunately it’s always been more of a promise than a practice.tom’s hardware Introducing Cota Wireless Power for the first time In 2015, technology has yet to explode. But at CES 2023, Ossia is doing everything it can to make it easy to develop a real product that delivers on that promise with its new Cota 5.8 GHz Real Wireless Power developer kit.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

At the show, Tom’s Hardware met with the inventor of the technology, Hatam Zeine, to discuss when and where we might see the technology. Spoiler: It’ll probably be in business before you get your own.

Zeine describes a Double A device that can change batteries and use the company’s wireless power, for example in smoke detectors and remote controls. Or you can charge your phone by simply placing it on your bedside table as it is a Qi charger that charges wirelessly itself. “This is coming soon,” we asked?

Ossia wireless power battery

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

“It’s coming! This is coming!” Zeine said, though he couldn’t say which third party would provide it. Or those charging pads. But they are coming! Also at Mobile World Congress, the company will be taking pre-orders for a new universal base that can be retrofitted to other devices and new Archos cameras that support this technology.

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