Paul Justman, Who Shed Light on Motown’s Unsung Heroes, Dies at 74

Justman, who moved to Los Angeles in 1980, was also a regular behind the scenes with the J. In the mid-1970s, he produced this high-energy blues-rock short documentary, “Postcards”, which depicts the frenzied touring life of his band. The film starred rock critic Lester Bangs and aired on PBS.

In addition to his younger brother, Justman is survived by his wife, Soundra Jordan, and sister, Peggy Suttle Kligerman.

Not all of Justman’s work with the J. Giles Band was behind the camera. He often collaborated with his brother on songs and released the band’s last studio album, You Are Gettin’ Even While I’m Getin’ Odd, recorded after kinetic frontman Peter (1984). ) provided the lyrics for all songs. Wolf leaves the band. (Seth Justman did most of the lead vocals.)

However, his brother said it was Mr. Justman’s ever-present video, not his words, that helped push the band into the pop stratosphere.his “Freeze Frame” The video, which featured band members dressed in white and splattered with paint as if it were a human Jackson Pollock canvas, aired frequently on MTV. The song reached #4 on the Billboard Singles Chart in 1982.

However, in terms of penetration, it fell short of the previous year’s Centerfold. The video for the song, which features models marching through a high school classroom wearing teddy bears and the famous milk-filled snare drum, has become a cultural icon for Gen X pop and the song is the band’s first. It was his only No.1 hit.

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