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PC RAM Price Declines Are Slowing, Says TrendForce

DRAM Price Drops of Recent Quarters Are Slowing, According to New Report trend force. Computer industry market researchers expect DRAM prices to fall only 0% to 5% this quarter. This figure contrasts with the 13-18% drop in his DRAM prices in Q2 2023. These headline numbers are for the entire DRAM market (including server, mobile and graphics), but they also apply to the segment we are most interested in: PC DRAM.

According to TrendForce, one of the reasons for the slowdown in DRAM price declines is that the big three companies are cutting production. While such measures may provide temporary relief to producers, trying to artificially create scarcity or running production much slower than they should is usually not possible in a competitive market. Not a sustainable strategy. We would rather DRAM manufacturers stimulate demand by, for example, making larger RAM configurations more affordable.

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