Pina Bausch’s Dance Company Announces Steps Toward a New Era

“I find it interesting to surround Café Müller with these works about nudity, sexuality and desire, because cafés are full of desire,” said Charmatz. The bill will include outside dancers with whom it has collaborated, in addition to members of Tanz Theater. (Charmatz is well-known in the contemporary dance world, but she never had a permanent company, preferring to work project by project.)

Also planned are revivals of two of Bausch’s major works, Nerken (Carnation) and Victor, as well as an international tour, as are Volmond and Sweet Mambo. Several of Charmatz’s works, such as Somnol, Etrangler Le Temps + Bolero 2 and 10000 gestes, will also be performed on tour, although part of the season at the Wuppertal Tanztheater, the dancers There will be no performances by Charmatz himself will appear in the solo “Somnor” and the duo “Etrangler le Temps” with Emmanuel Huynh. (“So I’m one of the members of Tanz Theater,” he said.)

“I only have one artistic project,” said Charmatz. “I have a company name Terrain, which specializes in outdoor events and my repertoire. It remains structurally and financially independent from Tanztheater Wuppertal, but we are connected. There’s my repertoire, Pina Bausch’s repertoire, and what we do together.”

Charmatz said he is excited about the plans for the Pina Bausch Centre. The center will link the 1960s theater, the Schauspielhaus, where the Wuppertal Tanztheater will perform, with a new multi-purpose building incorporating rehearsal rooms, public spaces and archives. As the office of the Pina Bausch Foundation.

Bausch’s son, Salomon, who founded the foundation and began working on the archive soon after her death, said the center would provide space to house the thousands of videos, photographs, posters, articles and books that have already been preserved. He said he wouldn’t just do it. partially available online — but also a performance venue for the Foundation to create works with non-dancers and other groups.

“Pina’s work is very rooted in the city, but it can be even more approachable,” said Salomon Bausch. “I am really excited that this center can become a public space, a place of interaction, open to all.”

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