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Planet Launches Arm-Based XR Mini Desktops with Touchscreens

The Arm-based desktop market has recently been dominated by Apple, largely because major PC makers still have to ship Arm-based parts with Microsoft’s Windows. But his smaller PC maker seems to be getting a little more aggressive.recently StarUK-based computer manufacturer PlanetPC XR1 Mini and PlanetPC XR2 Mini A desktop system that also has a touchscreen for additional controls.

Planet’s XR1 Mini and XR2 Mini desktops are based on Rockchip’s RK3568 and RK3588 system-on-chips respectively. RK3568 is a cheap SoC with Mali G52 graphics with 4 Cortex-A55 cores and 2 clusters, more suitable for low-end smartphones and specialized devices.

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