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Project Cottonwood SBC Promises Double Raspberry Pi 4’s Performance

A new high-speed competitor to the Raspberry Pi could hit store shelves soon.Libre computer only announced on twitter The company’s next-generation line of single-board computers, dubbed Project Cottonwood, will arrive in the third quarter alongside its flagship “Big Cottonwood,” which offers twice the speed of the Raspberry Pi 4, currently the fastest Pi on the market. It is scheduled to be released.

Long known for making Raspberry Pi-sized boards, Company based in Shenzhen, China I posted just one image of Project Cottonwood, along with some details. These will be at least two SKUs. One is the “Little Cottonwood” which costs $10 more than the brand’s current “Le Potato” board. go for $35 The “Big Cottonwood” on Amazon is twice the price of Le Potato, but twice as fast as the Pi 4. Doing the math, the two boards seem to be $45 and $70 respectively.

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