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Purported Intel Core i7-14700K Benchmarks up to 20% Faster in Multi-Threaded Workloads

A veteran Twitter-based hardware leaker has shared a screenshot that appears to show the Intel Core i7-14700K running in three benchmarks. WXnod shared a screenshot Written without comment a few hours ago, in it we can see that alleged Raptor Lake Refresh chips have been tested with AIDA64, Cinebench and CPU-Z. Compared to the previous generation Core i7 13700K, the new chip appears to be 20% faster in multi-threaded workloads.

(Image credit: WXnod)

The Intel Core i7-14700K is expected to be a particularly interesting member of the Raptor Lake Refresh as it is unique in offering reconfigured core specs according to the latest information. While its predecessor offered him an 8P+8E core configuration, the updated model is rumored to feature 8P+12E. The WXnod leak blurs out all the core configuration details for some reason.However, Twitter hardware tipster fellow Harukaze 5719 came to our rescue, reinforcing this leak with screenshots of Baidu sources complete with core configuration data. refer to the following.

Looking at the data on screen, we can see that the chip underneath has been identified by the software as the Raptor Lake-S model for the LGA 1700 socket manufactured using 10 nm lithography (Intel 7). In this example it is 5.5 GHz and TDP is 125W.

Updated Raptor Lake sysinfo

(Image credit: Harukaze5719)

This screenshot purportedly shows that the Intel Core i7-14700K offers a base clock of 3.40 GHz and the core config is detected to offer 20C / 28T. It fits 8P + 12E cores (16 + 12 threads).

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