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Raspberry Pi 5 Not Launching Until After 2023

As we previously reported, Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton announced via a recent blog post that 100,000 units have entered the supply chain and that inventory levels can be expected to return to previous levels in the second half of 2023. did. Pandemic normalcy. That said, supply chain shortages are impacting the normal rhythm of Raspberry Pi releases. Upton during an interview with Christopher Barnut computer description Unfortunately, there won’t be a Raspberry Pi 5 in 2023.

In the interview, Explaining Computers host Barnatt asks Upton about the future of the Raspberry Pi and whether there will be new models. Upton then talks about how the past few years have been “weird” (pandemics and global chip shortages), disrupting the cadence of Raspberry Pi development and release. Upton said: [Raspberry Pi 4] I think the Raspberry Pi platform has been around longer than any Raspberry Pi platform ever. “

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