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Raspberry Pi Adds 100,000 Units to Supply Chain, Back to Pre-pandemic Levels in 2023

For Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, Christmas must have seemed like a few weeks early this year. Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton announced Via an official blog, 100,000 units have been secured for single-unit sales (one unit per customer) and are expected to return to pre-pandemic levels by late 2023. Good news for those feeling the effects of a supply shortage that has plagued them for over a year. bad news? The Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W see a $5 price hike, while the Raspberry Pi Zero will be available for purchase in bulk in 2023.

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In a blog post, Upton thanked the community for their patience and offered 100,000 units for single unit sale, consisting of Raspberry Pi Zero W, 3A+, and Raspberry Pi 4 2GB and 4GB. We don’t know the breakdown of each model, but Upton indicates that his Raspberry Pi Zero W will likely return to stock first, followed by a Raspberry Pi 3A+, and then a version of the Raspberry Pi 4. Continue. Upton said units are “currently pouring into our approved reseller channels, which is already Repilocator.”

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