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Raspberry Pi Alternative Banana Pi Seeks Community Input For Next Board

The Raspberry Pi replacement Banana Pi is crowdsourcing ideas from its Twitter followers for updates to its BPI-R3 router board. You can see a much smaller form factor in Tweets. tweet announcement Board as BPI-R3 Mini.

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Banana Pi’s BPI-R3 Mini is expected in 2023. So the price is a guess, but it’s probably cheaper than its predecessor’s $90. It looks like the BPI-R3 Mini is currently in the early stages of development. We just confirmed the number of renders and Banana Pi is looking for input from the community.

(Image credit: Banana Pie)

The BPI-R3 Mini’s form factor is completely different from the Raspberry Pi. Shaped like a plus sign, the top and bottom edges of the board are occupied by ports. At the bottom are two 2.5G Ethernet ports and one USB-C. At the top, there is only one USB 2 port and a nano SIM slot.

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