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Raspberry Pi Drives ‘Sidecar’ Internet Access for Psion PDA

Maker and developer Kian Ryan has a great passion for old technology. When it came time to tinker with his ’90s Psion PDA, he knew he had to throw his Raspberry Pi into the we will show him S.Idekar creation using raspberry pi It acts as a working Linux serial terminal as well as a modem to connect the Psion to the Internet.

Ryan uses the Psion Series 5MX version of the PDA that was popular in the 1990s and first created a custom PCB known as the PiRS232. This board acts as his HAT for the Pi Zero, allowing him to connect to his PDA using a DB9 serial connector. This PiRS232 board of his is housed inside a small device that Ryan calls his Sidecar.

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